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Why should you use ClipConverter? Here are 3 good reasons:

  • ClipConverter is one of the most trusted names in the online video converter scene. It upholds highest standards of user experience, audio and video downloads, and safe, secure website.
  • ClipConverter works online, doesn't ask for registration or any personal info, it will never require any signups or usage fees, it'll always be free for all people of Earth, we guarantee it.
  • ClipConverter is jam packed with cool features, it works with over 700 websites to extract video or audio tracks for download and to convert online video to mp3, there's a webapp and more.
  • ClipConverter is feature-packed Youtube converter

    ClipConverter is one of the oldest names in the online video converter and downloader scene. And so here we come with our own clean and safe version, ready to help out anyone download online videos and convert them to mp3. Our website doesn't annoy you with ads or popups, there's no redirects or malware download attempts, it's a clean, safe, secure user experience and only best memories to come. Check it out, our ClipConverter has tons of awesome features, it works with over 700 websites and social networks, so give it a try! Here are some of the most prominent features of ClipConverter:

    Download Youtube videos

    Youtube has tons of video material that needs to be downloaded and saved to your device for offline enjoyment.

    Download Youtube to mp3

    Convert Youtube music to mp3 format and download to your device, Clipconverter makes it really easy and fast.

    Convert Instagram to mp4

    Instagram converter included with ClipConverter. Easy download and convert Instagram to mp4 and mp3 formats.

    Download Facebook videos

    It is easy to download and backup your video library on Facebook to desktop or laptop for safe keeping offline.

    Save Odnoklassniki media

    Download videos, shows, series and movies from - Odnoklassniki, it's full of funny clips to download mp4.

    Twitter video downloader

    Clip converter helps download videos from Twitter and Periscope. Convert twitter to mp4 and mp3 here super easy.

    Reddit videos with audio

    Download videos from Reddit with audio included. Also Giphy, Imgur and all other Reddit storage of animated gifs.

    Convert video from Vimeo

    Vimeo allows video download, but not for all videos. Download videos from Vimeo and convert them to mp3 format.

    Youtube video search. Youtube playlist download.

    Besides working great with hundreds of online video streaming, storage and upload sites, Clip Converter knows its way around Youtube. It is true, about 95% of all video downloads are happening from Youtube, and so we've worked hard to deliver the most amazing features here (for Youtube only). We're really proud of included Youtube video search. There's no need to go back and forth between ClipConverter and Youtube, copy links and all, - simply search Youtube videos from here, no need to leave. How to do that? Just type anything in the white box above, and our search mechanism will activate useful suggestions, it'll offer popular search tags from your area, but if nothing fits your search - finish typing and hit enter, no need to use suggestions. Then simply click on any video from the results and we're cooking!

    Same goes for Youtube playlists, including many other online playlists (DailyMotion, Soundcloud) and multi-video posts (Reddit, Twitter, Instagram). To process a playlist, you'd need to copy its page URL address, come back here and paste URL into the search box above and hit Download button. Huge up to 200 videos playlists will be shown as simple list of video names, click on any of them to proceed to download mp4 or convert playlist to mp3. There's no batch download or conversion, all is done 1 by 1 to avoid extra work from our side.. We're lazy here... 1 by 1 download any amount of videos from Youtube playlist as mp4 or mp3 format.

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    ClipConverter comes as a web-based app, so it can be installed to your computer or mobile device. Simply use the add to home screen functionality in your browser. ClipConverter supports web-apps installed via Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge (not IE) browsers, and works great on modern Android or Windows devices. The app doesn't need updates during its whole lifetime and it occupies almost zero space on your device, since it uses browser to work.. Check it out, delete it in 1 click if not satisfactory.


    Download Mp4

    Another great way to access ClipConverter is with the quick shortcut aka bookmarklet. It is a simple browser bookmark, drag and drop it to your bookmarks section to make it work. Afterwards open Youtube or any other online video and click the bookmark. You will be surprised to see yourself back here and video info already about to load and show with download links to follow. This is a simple quick-access hack that allows you to skip the URL copy-paste process, nothing more and nothing less.